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what is Social media marketing

Posted by : vikas sharma on | Nov 09,2019

SMO - SMO means social media optimization. It means using social media to create awareness about the brand or product. Businesses use certain tactics to promote their business on social media effectively. social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin are one of most popular platforms to reach out to a large number of people. SMO includes bookmarking sites, social media, video and blogging sites. social media optimization helps in reaching specific  people having demographics as per one's business model.   benefits of social  media optimization   1. brand awareness - social media lets you make aware of the brand or product to the general audience. The reach of social media is vey wide and people from different demographics can access the information online freely.   2. specific target - thorough smo, one can specifically target the type of audience one wants to reach. Targeting audience as per their age, city, preferences, lifestyle can be done with the help of  social media optimization     3. generate more business - social media has wide reach and people can easily access the information about the product and can make a purchase from there and easily share the product with others.   4. real time connection - on social media it becomes easy for the businesses to connect with their customers and even connect to new customers for their queries and feedback.   5. More traffic- awareness of the brand on a social media platform generates more traffic to the website or blog. This helps the business in getting more reach and exposure in front of potential customers.   digital marketing course in Dehradun   6. More business - more traffic and exposure to the general public let the business in getting more revenue by getting more leads and conversion.